Thursday, April 28, 2005

Blabbing about myself -- Inquiry #1 & #2

Insatiably curious about everything, I found myself at a fascinating site where I agreed to be "interviewed" by another blogger. Perhaps he will start a trend -- the "Bloggerview"!! Kind of like the Proust Questionnaire in Vanity Fair. And besides, doesn't every girl love to talk about herself????

He gave me 5 questions, which I have agreed to answer here.

1. If you could describe yourself through the lyrics or title of a song, what would that be and why?

Are you sure you wanna hear more
What if I ain't worth the while
Not the style you'd be looking for
If I'm sweet tonight
Things look different in the morning light
I'm jealous and I'm proud
If you hurt my feelings
I'll cry out loud
I'm Carrie not-the-kind-of-girl-you'd-marry
That's me

Are you sure you wanna hear more
Would I be the one you seek
Mild and meek like the girl next door
Don't you realise
I may be an angel in disguise
It's lonely to be free
But I'm not a man's toy, I'll never be
I'm Carrie not-the-kind-of-girl-you'd-marry
That's me

I don't believe in fairy-tales
Sweet nothings in my ear
But I do believe in sympathy
That's me, you see

Now, I'm far too embarrassed to tell you the name of the band who perpetuated that song; suffice it to say it comes from the very first album I ever purchased with my own allowance money. I was about 13, and I loved one song on that album more than anything (not the one cited above)... that one song that I loved has gone on to become the bane of wedding DJ's everywhere, as it's guaranteed to send every woman under the age of 45 shrieking onto the dance floor. And I'm not talking about "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun" or "ABC."

Cultural Aside: I do feel I redeemed myself with the 2nd and 3rd albums I ever bought, along with some of the albums that were given to me as gifts by my brother and sister, who were both DJ's at local nightclubs. Imagine being a DJ in the middle of the disco era. Sheeeeyit.

Album #2: Rick James, Come Get It There was funk somewhere in my soul; I remember having to hide the album from my mother because of its racy cover. But in a short time I had every word memorized. I've always said that songs come and go, but good funk never dies. (see: Earth Wind & Fire, Larry Graham, and Stevie Wonder)

Album #3: A Taste of Honey, A Taste of Honey See? Still funky. In fact, I bought AToH at the same time as Rick James at a now-defunct record chain called Peaches at the Hillcrest Shopping Center in my hometown. What I remember about that album was thinking that Janice Johnson was sooo badass with her bass guitar and cornrows. I wanted to be that cool.

Singles I remember buying: Funkadelic, "One Nation Under a Groove," (gettin' down just fooooor the funk of it...), Larry Graham and Graham Central Station, "My RADIO Sure Sounds Good to Me."

Gift Albums from Big Brother and Big Sister: Donna Summer, Live and More; Village People, Macho Man.

Holy shit, I was a fag hag in training before I was 15!

Also, the song "Every Kind of People" by Robert Palmer resonated with me (I had a porous, spongy brain when I was an adolescent, didn't I?)

Said the fight to make ends meet
Keeps a man upon his feet
Holding down his job
Trying to show he can't be bought

Ooh, it takes every kind of people
To make what life's about, yeah
Every kind of people
To make the world go 'round

Someone's looking for a lead
In his duty to a King or creed
Protecting what he feels is right
Fights against wrong with his life

There's no profit in deceit
Honest men know that
Revenge does not taste sweet
Whether yellow, black or white
Each and every man's the same inside

It takes every kind of people
To make what life's about, yeah
Every kind of people
To make the world go 'round

You know that love's the only goal
That could bring a peace to any soul
Hey, and every man's the same
He wants the sunshine in his name

Maybe I was aspiring to become a Buddhist even as an unformed teenager. Hmmm. I'll have to think about that and see how much of that is true for me.

2. Considering the anonymity of your blog name and profile, do you find this gives you more freedom to be "you?" Explain.

I am always "me." Yes, that skin is sometimes uncomfortable to walk around in, but I accept the fact that no matter what I'm doing, I'm always me.

To answer your question, I've chosen to go the anonymous route because sometimes I just need to unload about my philanderer, but I'm not interested in ruining anyone's life by naming names. Exposing him would undoubtedly ruin his life (or at least cost him a lot of money in alimony or couples' counseling). This way, I feel I have the freedom to be as honest as I can about what went on, get it off my (ample) chest, and have my say. And he gets to keep his house in Short Hills, his Corvette, and most importantly, his ideas about what kind of person he is intact. Who am I to mess with someone else's reality that way?

In terms of being a mistress, I guess that makes me a miserable failure, because if wanted to I could probably extract a couple bucks out of this guy.

Answers to questions 3-5 to follow!


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ooohh! Do hurry with your responses... this is delicious!


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