Monday, August 15, 2005

Busy Weekend in Bushwick for the Grim Reaper

And I didn't even see Georgia Lass around the 'hood.

A 20-year old kid from across the street was killed on Wednesday in a motorcycle accident right in the neighborhood; he was just about to go into the police academy. And some other guy in the neighborhood apparently just dropped dead on the street a couple days later.

And Cracky Crackhead in my building just lives on.... and on.... and on. Just like a cockroach.

I guess the Reaper's obligations in Bushwick distracted him from the guy who was on the Today show this morning -- a first-time skydiver whose chute didn't open -- and he survived!

Weather today in the high country: 63 degrees and fair, with a high of 68 in the forecast. Not that many people were traveling in and out this weekend...


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