Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Sliding Down the Gaping Maw of Satan

Here we are a week before the official "First Day of Summer" and it's been over 90 degrees for many, many days. While we sweat through our clothes, necessitating an emergency trip to the Gap for a pristine white tee, the heat is all anyone can talk about.

We sweat and complain, and complain and sweat.

I walk on the subway platform at 14th Street, hating the girls who look like they don't sweat. Meanwhile, I can leave the house pretty and scrubbed and fresh, and 10 minutes later my eye makeup has migrated a quarter of an inch down my face and I'm peeling stray hairs off of my cheeks.

Going outside is an act of courage, take a deep breath at the door and swim through the soupy air.


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