Monday, August 15, 2005

A Few Thoughts

Well, Janey,

Your Husband seemed to be in better spirits today, although he complained bitterly about how father-son weekend at your kid's camp was lame (his word, not mine). And these words actually left his lips, "I would rather have been playing golf."

I heard from his assistant that he actually thought about NOT GOING. And instantly I flashed on your poor kid, sitting out activities because your husband couldn't be bothered to take two days to spend time with him. It was a very Rudolph image, and frankly I almost cried to think about it. Because then I looked down the road at your poor son having this memory of the year his dad didn't come to Father-Son weekend at camp because he wanted to play golf.

I just couldn't imagine a parent being so cruel. My parents, for all their shortcomings, at least got their asses into seats for band concerts and football games, and weren't afraid to tell me when they were proud of me (as well as making sure I knew that it was a tough world, and I was going to get my share of knocks). So my experience, I guess, was different. Then I thought about what my experience with Your Husband has been, and what I know about him, and realized that he just doesn't have the tools to NOT pass his upbringing on to his own son. He doesn't know that he can say, "My father was this way, but I don't have to be like him." The amazing thing to me is that more people than not just don't have the wherewithal to make that change.

It's actually no wonder your kid is the camp bully. Yes, I know about that, too. That you actually got calls from the camp director because your son is starting fights with the other kids.

To hear YH talk about it, the two of you do a fine job of hiding your problems from your kids. I dunno, starting fights with the other kids doesn't sound like the product of a happy home. I told him once that he should start saving for the Lifetime of Therapy Fund as well as the Bar Mitzvah. Sounds like you guys may need to start dipping into that a little early.

I'm so sorry your kid is on the way to being Fucked Up for Life. The poor thing never had a chance.

YH's week is about to get very, very bad. One of his employees confided to me that he has gotten a job offer from another company -- closer to home, more money, AND with benefits. And take it from me, because I know firsthand, this guy is seriously important to YH's little company.

Just wanted to warn you, Janey... the next few days are going to be pretty unpleasant, I imagine. And rest assured, it will be your fault, my fault, his assistant's fault...anyone's but his own.

I feel like I should settle in with a 32-ounce Coke and bucket of popcorn to watch the show.


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