Friday, December 02, 2005


Okay. I admit to being fairly intuitive when it comes to computers and such -- I'm not one for following manuals or stuff like that. So since 1986 I've pretty much just worked it out when I needed to.

And so far, all of my forays into techno world have been PC-based. Meaning, frankly, Windows-based. (Microsoft's slogan should be "We're The Epitome of Bloated Crap!")

So here I am at my new job working the shiny iMac G5 -- at first it was like putting Ma Kettle into a Dodge Viper, but slowly I'm getting the hang of it. And loving it. If I could kiss my iMac, some days I swear I would.

But one thing has me befuddled -- is the Blogger code written for PC folks?


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